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E-learning supporting the ACE community

So, what is happening in e-learning? More specifically - what is happening that can support delivery in the ACE classroom? In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to hear about some of the projects and resources and have an opportunity to interact with some cool e-tools that can be used to support students in the ACE classroom.

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Trained as a psychologist, Howard is interested in how online identity, networking, collaboration can create connectedness to support e-learning. Howard's background includes projects to support and engage students in education using various online, web2.0 and mobile tools.
Debbie has worked in the adult literacy field for 17 years.. Her particular interests are in the field of supporting teachers to develop programs and e-learning resources for students. She is particularly interested in assisting staff to incorporate the use of multimedia to document the journeys that students are taking in their own lives and in their formal learning. Debbie is interested in using new technologies (including audio based activities in online learning and using digital stories to provide interactive multimedia materials for students.)
Both Debbie and Howard work for e-Works as e-learning consultants.

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