Morning Workshop Details

Session 1: 11.05 – 11.45 am

Choose ONE of the following 4 sessions:

1. Carole McCulloch

Get the edge – embed a little e!

Build a community e-learning action map in 30 minutes! Can’t be done? Come along to this workshop and find out how you can get the edge for your community centre. 2009 challenges for community learning environments include the ability to keep pace with the demand for more ‘e’ in their learning from your community members. Smart managers are now recruiting potential e-learners to their centres with:
· Blended e-learning models
· Engaging online environments
· Skilled e-savvy tutors and coordinators
Smart use of web 2.0 tools
Are you one of the top 20 successful Victorian adult learning centres using e-learning solutions? Do you want to be? Walk in with an idea and walk out with a map!

2. Michael Chalk

Can You Hear Us?" audio technologies in the classroom.

Drawing on recent projects in audio technologies, Michael gives an overview of the range of activities that teachers used in class, with demonstration, participation and group-based discussion of classroom activities and technologies.

3. Lynne Gibb

"Wiki Taming: How we make wikis work for us!"

Lynne will show how the user-friendly wiki is more than just a collaborative tool - in conjunction with other web tools, its ease of use, effectiveness and versatility is amazing.

4. Leanne Fitzgerald

It's more creative than scientific!

An interactive workshop that will explore the creative possibilities of blended delivery and e learning. Bring along an open mind and be prepared to explore a range of possible new ways to deliver learning to your community.

Morning Workshop Details

Session 2: 11.50 – 12.30 am

Choose ONE of the following 4 sessions

1. Mary Schooneveldt

Anytime, any place, any pace learning: moving your F2F course online

This is your opportunity to share Mary Schooneveldt's experience of developing and implementing a fully online TAA course that has opened up new avenues for the training provider and proved highly successful with students. The session will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on the design process and leave with some practical tips on how to get started and how to develop an online learning environment.

2. Glenda McPherson

Getting the most from your online classroom as a teacher

Glenda will explore a range of different ways software such as Elluminate Live can be used in teaching and learning. This software has huge potential for face-to-face classroom teachers, teachers who see their students infrequently (or teachers who may like this to be the case) as well as fully online students. Even if your students don't have the internet at home, an online classroom still could still be a useful tool for them to continue their studies' at home! Come along and see which model of usage best suits you and your students.

3. Michael Gwyther

Using Web 2 as an alternative delivery strategy

Explore practical examples of how blogs, wikis, social bookmarks, podcasts and RSS feeds can contribute to a model of training delivery and management in either a Face to Face or Blended learning environment. Michael will explore 2 delivery examples (involving Vet in Schools & Tertiary students) from yum productions using strategically targetted web2 tools and help you
to build a model by identify tools of use to you by answering the WHY and HOW questions.

4. Howard Errey/Debbie Soccio

E-learning supporting the ACE community

So, what is happening in e-learning? More specifically - what is happening that can support delivery in the ACE classroom? In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to hear about some of the projects and resources and have an opportunity to interact with some cool e-tools that can be used to support students in the ACE classroom.