Glenda McPherson

Workshop session


"Getting the most from your online classroom as a teacher"

Glenda will explore a range of different ways software such as Elluminate Live can be used in teaching and learning. This software has huge potential for face-to-face classroom teachers, teachers who see their students infrequently (or teachers who may like this to be the case) as well as fully online students. Even if your students don't have the internet at home, an online classroom still could still be a useful tool for them to continue their studies' at home! Come along and see which model of usage best suits you and your students.

Some background

Glenda has worked with GippsTAFE in the Innovation department for 4 years following a 5 year tenure at TAFE frontiers – a Victorian support service for e- learning. She is a very experienced e-learning project manager and has managed a number of state and national projects over the years.
Her role at GippsTAFE is to assist teachers to become more flexible in their educational delivery and to support the institute as a whole to embed technological practices across the 5 campuses of the institute. She is a fully online teacher for the Cert IV in TAA and delivers 2 e-learning modules of the Diploma of VET Practice in a blended mode.
She has been an ACFE Regional Councillor for Gippsland (2005 – 2009) and Southern Metro (2002 – 2005) and between 1995 – 1999 was the Education & Planning Officer (PSO type role) with ACFE Gippsland.

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